The Committee of the Retford U3A have decided, after much deliberation and discussion with various parties, that all Interest Groups will be suspended with immediate effect until further notice.

This also applies to the next two General Meetings in March and April, including the AGM.

The situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK changes on a daily basis so hopefully we can return to normal in the very near future.  All Members will be informed of any further changes.

If you need any further information, please contact any of the Committee members or to read the general advice from the U3A website, please click:  HERE


Thank you.

15 March 2020



A few of the Retford U3A Groups are now able to 'meet' via the Zoom platform, therefore enabling these Groups to continue to pursue their individual interests while staying perfectly safe within their own homes. Please contact your Group Leader to see if this available.   




A very warm welcome and thank you for browsing the Retford U3A website.

Now in our tenth year, the Retford branch of the U3A has a membership of nearly 600 people.  We have over 40 Interest Groups which meet on a regular basis.  For more information regarding our Interest Groups, please click on the Interest Groups link in the blue box to the left.

As well as our Interest Groups, we hold a monthly General Meeting when we have a guest speaker and our members are able to socialise and hear the latest Retford U3A news.  For further information about our General Meetings and Speaker Programme, please click on the About Us link in the blue box to the left.

One in four of the population is in the third age! The first age refers to childhood and dependence, the second age to full-time employment and parental responsibilities and the third age is that which follows where one is retired, or partially retired. The U3A, believes that the third age should be one of creativity, fulfilment and friendship.

By joining a U3A, you will become a member of a growing, dynamic outward-looking organisation, which has a positive and creative approach to life after full-time work. U3As are democratic, self-funded and self-managed organisations, which exist to provide educational and leisure activities for men and women no longer in full-time employment, at minimal cost. They draw upon the knowledge, experience, skills and enthusiasms of their members to organise interest groups in accordance with the wishes of the membership. U3As offer a vast range of subjects in such diverse fields as art, foreign languages, music, history, gardening, crafts, architecture and computing.

Anyone in the third age can join U3A. No qualifications are required and none are given. The Third Age Trust is the national representative body for the U3A movement in the UK (Reg Charity No 288007) providing a wide range of supportive services to the U3As.

If you require any further information regarding Retford U3A, please click on the Contact Us link in the blue box to the left and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.