Group Leader: Vernon Davis
Telephone: 01777 711345

Meetings: Off Road - 2nd and 4th Mondays. Road - 2nd and 4th Fridays                

Venue: Various - to be notified beforehand. Rides starting in Retford - 9.30am at Cafe Roubaix.

Formed in March 2017, when just five riders set out from the Idle Valley Visitor Centre on our inaugural ride, the number of members grew steadily throughout the year. This has encouraged a major expansion and overhaul of our programme for the coming year which we hope will attract even more riders to come and join us.


Cycling is a fantastic way of gaining and keeping fitness. It puts little stress on joints while providing steady exercise for the muscles and building stamina. People who cycle regularly live longer! It is also a very sociable way of getting exercise and keeping fit. All of our rides incorporate a coffee and cake opportunity which allows for plenty of chat and banter!


To encourage cyclists, or would be cyclists, who don’t like riding on roads we have divided our programme into off-road (as far as possible) and road rides with two of each taking place each month.


We have some very enthusiastic lady cyclists in the group - more will be made very welcome.





These will take place on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, commencing March 26th and then continuing to the end of October. The first ride and the subsequent two rides will have the option of starting in Clumber Park and will be restricted to the cycle tracks in the Park and adjoining woodland areas. We will be meeting near the Central Area where there is a bike hire establishment for anybody who doesn’t own a bike but would like to start cycling again.


Some subsequent rides will be in the Retford area, others farther afield. We have a trip planned to the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire for June 11th and another on July 9th which will start from the Ragnall/Fledborough area and follow a completely off-road trail all the way to Lincoln and back. An even more adventurous ride is planned for September 24th, taking advantage of the Water Rail Way cycle route which runs from Lincoln to Boston along the Witham. We plan on staying overnight in Boston and returning the following day. 


ROAD RIDES              

These will be on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month commencing 13th April. Early season rides will be 20 miles or so, gradually increasing in distance and speed as the season progresses. Variety will be engendered by some rides being conducted on a ‘hare and hounds’ basis, others will involve longer and shorter rides with both groups leaving at the same time. 


While many of our road rides will commence from the Cafe Roubaix in Bridgegate others will be ‘expedition rides’ with starting points some way away from Retford, in order to provide a variety of scenery and terrain. We are also hoping to find some suitable Audax Sunday rides that we can attend as a group.


September 14th will see us heading for the coast somewhere suitable south of Cleethorpes where we’ll stay the night, returning the next day via an alternative route. Group rides will finish c. the end of October, being very dependent on the weather after this.




  1. Rides will be cancelled if it is raining hard at the start. A decision will be made c. 7.00 am on the morning of the ride and group members notified by email. So check your emails if in any doubt! (We actually lost just three scheduled rides last year because of the weather).
  2. Carry wet weather gear with you on every ride.
  3. Carry a suitable spare inner tube in case of a puncture, together with a tool kit. A multitool, a couple of tyre levers and a couple of patches is sufficient. We only had one puncture last year but can probably expect more this year with more rides and more rides off-road.
  4. Maintain your bike well. We had no delays whatsoever last year due to mechanicals.
  5. All rides from Retford will commence at the Cafe Roubaix at 9.30

If you would like to join us please email (preferably) or telephone Vernon Davis - we’d really love to have you along!


Dates of Season’s Highlights




11th June Monsal Trail

9th June Fledborough to Lincoln and back

14th Sept Coast ride stayaway





11th May  Expedition Ride

22nd June Expedition Ride

24th September Boston stayaway


We may well schedule other activities during the summer The possibility of nearby Audax rides will be investigated. Depending on ride leaders availability we may schedule more expedition rides. For off-road riders the possibility of other remote rides, such as a day in Dalby Forest where there are a multiplicity of graded rides (up to Black I believe for any foolhardy brave and adventurous riders) will be investigated.