Group Leader: Bob Lamb
Telephone: 01777 705024

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Mondays and Fridays commencing on Monday 25th March 2019              

Venues: Various, notifications by email beforehand. 

Formed in March 2017, when just five riders set out from the Idle Valley Visitor Centre on our inaugural ride, the number of members has grown steadily since. A major expansion of the programme in 2018 encompassed off-road rides as well as road rides.


Cycling is a fantastic way of gaining and keeping fitness. It puts little stress on joints while providing steady exercise for the muscles and building stamina. People who cycle regularly live longer! It is also a very sociable way of getting exercise and keeping fit. All of our rides incorporate a coffee and cake opportunity which allows for plenty of chat and banter!


To encourage cyclists, or would be cyclists, who don’t like riding on roads we have divided our programme into off-road (as far as possible) and road rides with two of each taking place each month. In order to enable more riders to find a suitable time to join us, road rides and off-road rides alternate between Mondays and Fridays. There is a timetable for the first half of the summer below.


We have some very enthusiastic lady cyclists in the group - more will be made very welcome.






At least the first three off-road rides will start in Clumber Park and will be restricted to the cycle tracks in the Park and adjoining woodland areas. We will be meeting near the Central Area where there is a bike hire establishment for anybody who doesn't own a bike but would like to start cycling again.


In 2018 we also visited the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire, the trail from Fledbrough to Doddington, as well as Vicar Water and Sherwood Pines.


There is usually NO on-road cycling involved. 



ROAD RIDES              


Early season rides will be 20 miles or so, gradually increasing in distance and speed as the season progresses. We use a variety of start points, some from cafes, others from member's homes. This means a variety of routes are available to us.


Group rides will finish c. the end of October, being very dependent on the weather after this.




  1. Email notifications will be sent out in good time to all group members giving the start time and venue of all rides.
  2. Rides will be cancelled if it is raining hard at the start.  A decision will be made c. 7am on the morning of the ride and group members notified by email.  So check your emails if in any doubt ! (We actually lost just three rides last year because of the weather).
  3. Carry wet weather gear with you on every ride.
  4. Carry a suitable spare inner tube in case of puncture, together with a tool kit. A multitool, a couple of spare tyre levers and a couple of patches is sufficient.  We only had one puncture last year but can probably expect more this year with more rides and more rides off-road.
  5. Maintain your bike well - this will minimise delays due to mechanical problems.

If you would like to join us please email (preferably) or telephone Bob Lamb - we’d really love to have you along!




Monday 25th                                  Road

Friday    29th                                  Off-Road




Monday  8th                                    Off-Road

Friday    12th                                   Road

Monday  22nd   (Easter Mon)         Road

Friday    26th                                   Off-Road




Friday      10th                                  Road

Monday   13th                                  Off-Road

Friday      24th                                  Off-Road

Monday   27th                                  Road




Monday     10th                                Off-Road

Friday        14th                                Road

Monday     24th                                Road

Friday        28th                                Off-Road




Monday    8th                                   Off-Road

Friday      12th                                  Road

Monday    22nd                                Road

Friday       26th                                 Off-Road