Group Leader: Vernon Davis
Telephone: 01777 711345
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday & 4th Friday of month @ 9:30
Venue: Cafe Roubaix, Bridgegate

All of our rides, unless otherwise notified beforehand, start at 9.30 from the Cafe Roubaix in Bridgegate, Retford. It’s located just to the N of the Idle Bridge. There is secure bike parking at the rear. For those bringing their bike by car the most convenient car park is the Long Stay Churchgate Car Park, access to which is off Amcott Way. There is an exit in the bottom corner near the Health Centre which leads to Bridgegate just a few yards from Cafe Roubaix. Planned rides are scheduled from March to November. Rides may be arranged during the winter months depending on the weather.

Our first ride of the 2017 season is scheduled for Wednesday the 15th March. Subsequent rides will be on the 2nd Wednesday and the 4th Friday of the month.

We will NOT ride if it’s pouring with rain at the start. Group members will be advised by phone/email. Any doubts call the group coordinator. It is sensible to carry wet weather gear with you at all times.

Members bikes range from Hybrids to Road Bikes. As far as possible rides are routed along quiet country roads. Speeds and distances will be tailored to ensure that everybody has an enjoyable ride and is not overfaced by speed, distance or gradient. Eventually we plan to run two rides on every occasion, however, while numbers are building those wanting a shorter ride will be catered for by planning shorter rides on the Wednesday and longer ones on the Friday.


Farmers cut their thorn hedges with a flail. Unfailingly, sooner or later a thorn will find its way into your inner tube. Carrying a spare inner tube and suitable pump reduces considerably the time taken to get going again. If you are not mechanically minded there will always be someone on hand to help. The other riders will always wait.

It is reckoned that most households in the UK have a bike at the back of the shed or garage. The average mileage these bikes do over a lifetime is just 75 miles. Cycling is a fantastic way of keeping fit as you grow more mature. There is no impact on joints and effort is steady. You will use c. 400 calories per hour. Riding in a group and chatting makes the miles pass easier.

All cyclists and would-be cyclists share concerns over safety. The number of incidents involving cyclists in Retford is very low when compared to the number to be seen around town. Riding in a group minimises the chief reason that cyclists are injured - visibility. A dozen riders in a variety of coloured, not to say startling, clothes are easily seen.

If you need any further information contact the Group Coordinator, or just turn up with your bike at one of our rides, you’ll be made to feel very welcome.