Group Leader: Sally Barker
Telephone: 07790 985116
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month @ 1-3pm
Venue: Hallcroft Community Centre

Fun with Flowers is an Interest Group run by Sally Barker (01777 708643).  The group activity will be as it says on the tin, having fun with flowers.  Although I am not a qualified teacher I have over 30 years experience working professionally as a florist..and happy to coordinate a group.

The group will be meeting at the Hallcroft Community Centre Thursdays monthly @ 1 - 3pm.

Actual dates in the Web Calendar.

Dates for 2019 are:



January 10th - Something that you missed - or vertical lines

February 14th - The colours of spring

March 14th - Tulip time

April 11th - Easter eggs

May 9th - Stones and vegetation

June 13th - Two halves make a whole

July 11th - All things bright and beautiful

August 8th - Swept from the sea

September 12th - Glad tidings

October 10th - Autumn glory

November 14th - Winter cheer

December 12th - No meeting due to General Election. 


February 2020 - The Iris


February birthday flower is iris... so our brief was to include Iris in our arrangements.
Iris is the symbolic flower of the greek goddess Iris.. who was the messenger of love!
Traditionally, iris symbolise eloquence, faith, wisdom and hope.
In ancient times iris roots were used in perfumes and as folk medicine remedies.
The juice of its roots has been used as a cosmetic to remove freckles!!

The group chose to do a funky upright arrangement on a round base. 

Round plant container oasis and covered with low foliage...tree ivy and hebe here.

Gold sprayed Cronus upright sticks  were added 

Then different flowers were added.. upright but a differing heights!  



January 2020 - Back To Basics


For our first meeting of the New Year. we went “Back to Basics”, and produced asymmetrical triangle arrangements. One theme, but a variety of flowers and colours..but all the correct shape!





November 2019

Our theme in November was "Winter Cheer".

Hot colours were used to create some stunning designs.



October 2019

Our Theme this month was "Autumn Glory" -  striking autumn colours with berries and seed heads were used in a variety of designs.


September 2019

Our theme this month was "Glad Tidings" - any design as long as it included Gladioli



August 2019

Our interpretation of the theme “swept from the sea”









July 2019

The theme for July was "All Things Bright And Beautiful"

Some lovely colourful arrangements were made....incorporating a few "creatures great and small"








June 2019

The theme for our June group was "Two halves make a whole"

This month we used an oasis foam ring, cut in half.
Then used small flowers and foliage and displayed the two halves as a lazy ‘s’
Alternatively, used one half of the ring for the flowers, and completed the ring with trailing foliage and medilino sticks.

Sally Barker 





May 2019

The theme for our May group was “stones and vegetation”.

Interesting, and different interpretations of the theme, were produced using lots of different foliage, wood, stones succulents, and of course, flowers.






April 2019


This months theme was “Easter Eggs”.

A selection of chocolate and artificial eggs were incorporated into our colourful designs, as well as rabbits, chicks and nests.






March 2019 Our theme for March was "Tulip Time".  


Our first design was using a decorated baked bean tin and a small tulip hand held.

Then it was free choice of design using tulips.







February 2019 - This months theme was “the colours

of spring “. Fortunately, we had spring weather to compliment the theme! 11 attended our friendly group this month.. some super designs produced.




January 2019 - This month was free choice or parallel lines. A nice array of modern striking designs were made.



November 2018 - Our interpretation of “Jack Frost “.... all gave the feel of a cold winters  morning, with snow spray, silver and greys diamanté pins to give a look of ice crystals...and a spiders web!!.

To view photos please click   HERE


October 2018 - This month's challenge was to come up with a design depicting 'A landscape of the imagination'. Here we have a lovely selection including a seascape, a lunar landscape andwoodland selections. 






September 2018  - This month's theme was to depict a country. Here we have the entries for France, Sri Lanka, China and Switzerland!






August 2018 - Foliage Arrangements

To download photos of arrangements using mainly greenery, please click :- 

 HERE     HERE       and    HERE 

I'm sorry - but it is not possible at present to display these on the screen. (Carol - Web administrator)                                           


July 2018 - Summer Trugs




June 2018

This sessions theme was “Steampunk”! Some interesting accessories were used.. bits of machinery, wire coils, tools, goggles, button hooks, a container decorated with a waistcoat etc. Delightful  flower arrangements too.





May 2018 - 'A Magic Garden'

Two lovely designs were produced this session incorporating toadstools, butterflies, flower fairies and a gift wrapped line arrangement.





April 2018 - 'Twists and Turns' 

A delightful array of designs were produced incorporating contoured willow, curls of leaves, wire coils and flower placements. 









February 8th 2018 - 'Golden Days'

Our theme for this months flower group was “Golden Days” since several U3A members celebrate their golden wedding anniversary this year.

11 members attended, including 2 new ladies, and an array of stunning designs were produced.





January 11th 2018 - Ikebana

For our January session, we made designs based on ikebana.... Japanese floral design, and hand-tieds. 11 of us had an enjoyable and productive afternoon!



October 12th 2017 - Horizontal Arrangement

This months task was to achieve a horizontal line arrangement. 11 beautiful colourful displays were made, on a variety of containers!


September 14th 2017 - Harvest Festival

This months theme was "harvest Festival".... autumn colours, garden produce and hedgerow gatherings!! 9 lovely displays were produced, autumn really is on the way.


August 10th 2017 - Cup Cakes

The theme for our latest group session was cupcakes. A delightful display of arrangements were made... with a less fattening centre!!


July 13th 2017 - A Handbag

9 of us met up for a productive afternoon... a quieter session than normal as we all concentrated hard on the today's task... handbags. Something I had never made before, so it was a leaning curve for us all.

The session went really and some beautiful handbags were created with pinned leaves and a floral tops.

Well done ladies.


April 13th 2017 - Mother's Day basket

This months theme was Easter. Beautiful arrangements were created using bright spring flowers, adorned with chicks, eggs,Easter bunnies... And of course chocolate!



March 9th 2017 - Mother's Day basket

11of us met for our monthly fun with flowers group. This meeting's task was to produce a basket, with Mother's Day in mind... an array of lovely arrangements were made. They looked good enough to grace any florists shop window.

Tea and biscuits and a general chat we're followed by a demonstration and talk about our April meetings theme.