Geology & Landscape History


Group Leader: Vernon Davis
Telephone: 01777 711345
Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:30
Venue: Hallcroft Community Centre

Turn yourself into a successful and knowledgeable landscape detective!  From 4bn years ago to the present day our landscape has undergone constant change from physical processes and, from c. 9,000 BCE onwards, through human agency. Within 50 or so miles of Retford can be found pre-Cambrian rocks dating to the dawn of Earth’s formation, while all around are pointers to how successive human societies exploited the land and its underlying rocks and resources.

Using a mixture of group discussion meetings, field trips and visiting experts, we’ll discover how to recognise visual clues, trace and use old documents and maps, utilise paintings, poetry and other literary sources, understand rock formations and recognise geological processes. The ultimate aim is to initiate an original landscape research project in which all can participate

The first meeting of the group will be on Wednesday, 21st June. The venue will be Hallcroft Community Centre. Meetings will commence at 2.30 pm and finish by 4.30 pm with a break for coffee/tea. A full programme has been worked out for the rest of the year.

This will include a case study of a nearby village to Retford which will look at the visual clues left in the landscape, and discuss all the various sources of information available to learn its history and why it looks as it does today. Other topics to be covered include the enclosure movement and its legacy in the present day landscape, the general geology of the Retford area and its effect on the landscape and settlement patterns, the significance of place names, what we know of early human colonisation after the last ice age and more.

To discover more or register your interest email or call me.

Vernon Davis