Military History


Group Leader: Roy Evans
Telephone: 01777 702097
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month, 10.00-12.00
Venue: Hallcroft Community Centre, Randall Way



We now have an established group, which has been running from May 2017.

Every year we have a minimum of ten meetings, where speakers discuss various topics from ancient to modern times. We do not expect U3A members to come to every meeting, although some do, so have a look at our speaker programme to see if there is any interest for you.

Also note we have an extended trip in May and two trips in July and August.

In 2020, we are planning to have a five day trip in Belgium, so look out for future details



Speaker Programme for 2019.

 10th January 2019. The History of Hitler’s ‘’ Weapons Dukeries U3A

14th February 2019. Dresden &the Political Fallout Roy Evans

14th March 2019. The American Civil War Bryon Gladstone

11th April 2019. The Dieppe Raid – August 1942 Bob Massey

9th May 2019. The Merchant Navy Bob Blatchford

13th to 17th May Field trip to Scotland Kettlewells

13th June 2019. The Observer Corps Dave Skillen

11th July Field trip to East Kirkby Kettlewells

7th – 8th August Field trip to Norfolk Kettlewells

12th September 2019. Hitler’s ‘Q’ Ships Roy Evans

10th October 2019. The Berlin Airlift Adrian Sumner

14th November 2019. The Crete Resistance Geoff Gadie

12th December 2019. Boadicea & her victories Sam Glasswell