Military History


Group Leader: Roy Evans
Telephone: 01777 702097
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month, 10.00-12.00
Venue: Hallcroft Community Centre, Randall Way

We now have an established Military History Group which has been running since May 2016.

We have had a range of excellent speakers, who have covered the Life and Times of Napoleon; Aircraft Production in Lincoln during the First World War; Events of June 14th 1916 and the Events leading upto ‘D’ Day, June 6th 1944.

Other speakers have discussed the Anglo Saxons, Bag Pipes and Hitler’s Vengeance Weapons, the V1, 2, 3 and 4.

In April 2017, thirty of our group went to France. A report of our trip is available by clicking HERE.

Next year’s trip to Holland and Germany is now past the planning stage and we are now taking names of those people who are interested in coming. Click HERE for next year’s itinerary and prices. You will see there is no single supplement and the rooms are going fast.

In September, our Group Leader Roy Evans will be giving a presentation called ‘Three Weeks in September’. This covers the Airborne Assault on Arnhem.

In October, Bob Massey will be discussing Airpower in the Spanish Civil War.

Because next April is the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force, we are concentrating on aviation topics. In November Adrian Sumner will be telling us a number of anecdotes relating to his 2,500 hours flying Vulcan Bombers, and in January Chris Ashby will tell us about the Nimrod Recognisance aircraft, and his time flying to the Falkland Islands in 1982.

In April we will have a panel to discuss Trenchard’s ‘Three Pillars’. We will look at the original concept of the Royal Air Force and discuss if those aims have been realised.

In between these air related topics, we will be looking once again at the Anglo Saxons, with Samantha Glasswell, and hopefully have a discussion on the Merchant Navy’s ‘Battle of the Atlantic’.

Don’t forget, have a look at our next May’s trip to Holland and Germany.

Roy Evans.

Speaker Programme 2017

12th January 2017

Anglo Saxons

Samantha Glasswell

9th February 2017

Local POW Camps

Kevin Murphy

9th March 2017

The Greatest Raid of All - Saint Naziar

Roy Evans

13th April 2017

Zeppelins over Retford

Adrian Sumner

21st-24th April 2017

Field Trip to France


12th May 2017

The Penninsular War

Andrew Jefferson

8th June 2017

Field Trip - Bus to Imperial War Museum North -  Kettlewells


13th July 2017

The Normandy Campaign

Alan Hickman

10th August 2017

Field Trip - Bus to RAF Cosford


14th September 2017

Three Weeks in September - Arnhem

Roy Evans

12th October 2017

Airpower in the Spanish Civil War

Bob Massey

9th November 2017

8,500 hours in thr Left Hand Seat

Adrian Sumner

14th December 2017

The Saxons and the Vikings

Samantha Glasswell

11th January 2018

The Mighty Nimrod

Chris Ashby