Military History


Group Leader: Roy Evans
Telephone: 01777 702097
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month, 10.00-12.00
Venue: Hallcroft Community Centre, Randall Way

We now have an established Military History Group which has been running since May 2016.

We have had a range of excellent speakers, who have covered the Life and Times of Napoleon; Aircraft Production in Lincoln during the First World War; Events of June 14th 1916 and the Events leading upto ‘D’ Day, June 6th 1944.

Other speakers have discussed the Anglo Saxons, Bag Pipes and Hitler’s Vengeance Weapons, the V1, 2, 3 and 4.

In April 2017, thirty of our group went to France. A report of our trip is available by clicking HERE.

In 2018, we have had two trips, to France and to Holland and Germany. To access the reports please click      HERE     and      HERE


Speaker Programme 2018


11th January                     The Mightly Nimrod                                         Chris Ashby

8th February                      RAF 100                                                         RAF Presentation Team

8th March                          Air Sea Rescue                                               David Jarvis and Roy Evans

12th April                           Airpower in the Spanish Civil War                    Bob Massey

4th - 7th May                      Field Trip to Holland Germany    

10th May                             Britains Bloodiest Day - The battle of Towton      David Skillen

14th June                           RNAS Howden                                                      Adrian Sumner

12th July                             Field Trip - Shuttleworth Collection

9th August                          Field Trip - Yorkshire Air Museum

13th September                 The Battle of Monte Cassino                                  Roy Evans

11th October                      The Camoflaged Magician                                     Steve Short

8th November                     Their Names Live On - Notts Heroes                    Andy Smart

13th December                    History of RAF Gamston                                       Adrian Sumner


Speaker Programme 2019

10th January  2019             The History of Hitler's V Weapons                        Dukeries U3A

14th February 2019             Dresden and the Political Fallout (revised)           Roy Evans

14th March 2019                  Gettisberg                                                            Brian Gladstone (tbc)

11th April 2019                     Crete Resistance                                                 Geoff Gadie (tbc)