Oral History


Group Leader:        Pat Barnett
Telephone:              01777 704154
Email:                      oral-history@retford-u3a.org.uk
Meetings:                10am - 12pm every fourth Tuesday of the month.
Venue:                     Bassetlaw Museum, Amcott House, 40 Grove Street, Retford DN22 6LA


This new Group will be using audio recording equipment available in the Museum to record 'interviews'.

Eventually we will be working on a theme which members of the Group will choose.

There is no limit to the number of members attending this Group, but this may have to change as the Group becomes more popular.

if you are considering joining the Group, you might like to look at the British Library website (www.bl.uk) and also the Oral History Society website (www.ohs.org.uk), both of which give a good flavour of the scope and importance of recordings.  


To all Retford U3A members – we need your help!


We have decided on two themes for our group – the first is Memories of VE Day. As members will be aware, there will be a nationwide celebration of this event on May 8th. We know that many members of our U3A will remember VE Day on May 8th 1945 (although they will have been quite young!) and we hope some of them might be willing to come and tell us about their recollections (and we will make sound recordings). These could be used in venues around town to give extra authenticity to the Day. Perhaps members who do not remember VE Day may know of neighbours or friends who do and could ask whether they would be interested in getting involved with our project.


The second theme is ‘Journeys’. This will tie in with the big Mayflower400 events which will be taking place in November. The interpretation of ‘Journeys’ will be very broad. Journeys could be, for instance, to do with:-


  • work (training for a job, perhaps working abroad?)

  • moving house (settling into a new environment?)

  • bringing up children (perhaps as a single parent, or fostering?)

  • leaving home (the process of establishing yourself as an individual away from family)

  • coping with and surviving problems with health (including mental health issues)

  • pursuing a hobby or pastime, or something you are strongly interested in.


Other ‘journeys’ may spring to mind!


As we have such a large membership – our U3A ‘community’ we want to start our projects within our group. We would welcome your involvement, and if you know U3A friends who could relate to any of these topics, please persuade them to get in touch.


Pat Barnett. Phone number 01777 704154