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Group Leader: Jean Winder
Telephone: 01777 817777
Email: walking-strollers@retford-u3a.org.uk
Meetings: 3rd Tuesday @ 10.30am dates announced in Newsletter
Venue: Venue and distance published in Newsletter

The Strollers meeting time is 10.30am.  For more details of next walk see the Programme below or the Newsletter.


Chesterfield Canal Walking Festival - Message From Tom



Above is an image relating to last year's Chesterfield Canal Walking Festival containing a fair few faces who will be well known to many of us, not just Police 5 !
We've been involved with the Festival for the last 2 years (as have our friends at Retford Civic Society), assisting by leading walks and providing support.
I (Tom) have been involved during this time, liaising with the Canal Trust and helping to organise walks, also assisted by other Retford U3A members, but hopefully I can hand over to somebody else this year. The Festival takes place between Saturday, 12th September and finishes on Sunday, 20th September.
The responsibilities involve being a Point of Contact, mostly via email and attending one meeting (probably around July) as well as being about during the period of the Festival, besides organising the walks.
Other members of the U3A, as I've mentioned, have kindly lent their support, so it's not necessary to be engaged personally with all the walks which we lead. The last 2 years have seen us lead two x " Boat & Boots" walks on each Sunday, involving a 2 mile boat ride, plus a 4 mile walk each time, plus one x midweek walk.
If anybody is at all interested please get in touch with me and I'll fill you in on the details. The main reason for " handing over " is that we fancy a mid- September holiday, rather than waiting until the end of the month ! Chances are I'll still be available for part of the Festival and would assist in whichever way I could.

Best regards to all.

Tom, on behalf of David, Jean and Geoff.


Forthcoming Walks in 2020


Just a mention that we're trying to get a smidge more organised re planning walks in advance in the coming year. We have no lack of enthusiastic folks willing to put forward walks, but if we had some sort of schedule we're fairly sure it'd be of benefit to all.

As such, if you can think of a walk you'd wish to do and could schedule it for a particular month we'd be more than chuffed. Naturally, external influences can kick in occasionally, so nothing would be so rigid that it couldn't be swapped for a different month.

Please take into account that we tend to travel a bit further during longer daylight hours and stay a bit closer to home this time of year. If you would like to give it some thought and let us know we could collate the different preferences for sure. We'll not hold you to anything! Don't be shy!

Best regards.

Geoff and Tom



Next Walk


The next Strollers walk on Tuesday 17th March will be at Gringley-On-The-Hill, meeting at the Blue Bell Inn on the High Street, for a 10.30 am start.

We are looking to have lunch at the Citrus Cafe at the Retford and Gainsborough Garden Centre, Saunby.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Recent Walks 


February 2020 - Worksop and Shireoaks

Eleven strollers met in the car park of The Lock Keeper in Worksop, on a bright sunny, but bitterly cold, blustery morning.

We made our way to Shireoaks Marina, passing many dog walkers and very polite young cyclists.  Fortunately, not many puddles, but we had to watch out for some cars driving through flooding on the Shireoaks Road, causing splashing onto the towpath.

We returned to The Lock Keeper, where ten of us enjoyed lunch. 

Many thanks to Marjorie for once again providing the photos.

For photos of the above walk, please click: HERE


January 2020 - Langold Country Park

On Tuesday, 11 strollers met at the playground in Langold Country Park, on a beautiful sunny morning. We first walked around the lake, taking in the warm sunshine and seeing it sparkling on the water. Marjorie and Norma chose to stay in the playground to play on the swings, whilst the rest of us continued our walk through the woodland, listening to the beautiful birdsong. Lunch was taken at The King William, Oldcotes.

For images of the above walk, please click:  HERE


November 2019 - Thoresby Park

Hi everybody,

Here's Jean's account of Tuesday's walk, plus a link to photos, once again kindly provided by Marjorie:

Fourteen walkers met in the car park in Thoresby Park on a lovely sunny, but chilly morning.  We followed the route along pathways and woodland, passing fields of Hebridean black sheep, Sarah's Wood. which commemorates the founder of the Multiple System Atrophy Trust, and enjoying the beautiful scenery with the lovely autumn colours of the trees.  One or two of us 'hugged' the splendidly majestic giant redwood Wellingtonia trees (Sequoidendron giganteum) only 200 years old, with many more years of growth expected.  

Walking back to The Courtyard, we clambered over a couple of stiles, before passing the picturesque church of St John's.

Nine of us enjoyed lunch in The Bay Tree Cafe, and afterwards looked around the shops in The Courtyard.

Thank you to Arthur and Granville for organising another lovely interesting walk, and surely ordering the sunshine.

Best regards to all.


Tom, on behalf of Jean


For photos of the walk in Thoresby Park, please click:   HERE



October 2019 - Retford Golf Course and area.

Nineteen walkers set off from Westhill Community Centre, Ordsall in good weather conditions to enjoy a stroll around the golf course, taking notice of the fact there could be flying golf balls. There was a club competition for the ladies in progress, of which we saw some evidence. Careful to avoid any stray balls, and a few muddy patches, we enjoyed the lovely panoramic views with the peace and quiet broken only by the occasional birdsong, and it was even possible for those with bags to collect a few mushrooms along the route. A very pleasant way to spend a morning without the threat of rain!

Lunch was taken at The Chequers, Ranby.

Thanks to Richard and Terry for organising the walk.

Also, many thanks to Marjorie for her photos.


For photos of the above walk, please click:    HERE         



September 2019 - Whitwell Woods


Fifteen walkers met in the lay-by at Whitwell, on a beautiful sunny morning. We couldn't have asked for better walking weather. The first half of the walk was along a tree root-textured footpath, possibly one originally laid out by Victorian gamekeepers, through this ancient woodland with its extensive variety of trees, with rustic seating available for those who required a short rest. The remaining walk was along a newly resurfaced pathway, bringing us back to the lay-by. Thirteen of us lunched at the Arrow Farm Shop Cafe-Diner, and two were tempted by the menu displayed at the A619 Diner.

Thanks to Elaine and Barbara who led the walk.

Many thanks to Rosie for the photos for the above walk.

For photos of the above walk, please click:  HERE




Retford U3A Walking Groups Summer Stroll - Haworth 5/8/19


Hi all,

A certain young lady called Jean did say something about the sun shining on the righteous a little while ago and how right she was !

An almost full coachload of us had left Kettlewell's with some relief, the most recent forecast for this particular day being the best since Adam was a lad and we weren't disappointed !

Alighting at the oh-so-appropriately-named Sun Street in Haworth a smidgen ahead of schedule, it wasn't too long before we were on our way through Central Park and into our Railway Children Walks, brilliantly augmented by Jean's leaflet, detailing all sorts of information relevant to our day out and further assisted by David's well-researched narration.

For those of us having recently seen the film, the Railway Children Walks seemed so familiar and undoubtedly added to the occasion.

Arriving back at Central Park it was decision time for many: Either finish walking there and have even more time to enjoy the splendours of downtown Haworth, or carry on and do the Full Monty ( in a manner of speaking!). That said, the Full Monty brimmed right over for a hardy few of our number who ventured yet further, assisting a stricken American tourist along the way too- well done folks!

Eventually, we all arrived back in Haworth, free to while away the time until 5pm and our return journey. Many different options were explored between us, what with trains, buses and a selection of tourist attractions all being on offer. Not forgetting the wide array of eating places to choose from, of course.

That "free time" was also an opportunity to bump into other members who had pursued different options throughout the day and to learn what they'd been up to and just as importantly, glean how much they'd enjoyed it.

All safely gathered in, we embarked on our return journey, courtesy of driver Neil, delivering us safely back and also in good time for Coronation Street too ! Does it get better than that?

I've got to heap some special praise on to my fellow coordinators, David and Jean, who between themselves decided on the location, did the recce and untold amounts of research, plus had the vision to provide the option of melding the Railway Children locations along with the opportunity to see the film. All that, plus the on-the-day services mentioned above too ! Many thanks to you both.

As ever, nothing would ever be a success without you, the members, whose feedback to this point has been nothing other than glowing. Many thanks to you all.

See you in September!

Best regards.

Tom, on behalf of David, Jean and Geoff.

For further information and photos, please click:   HERE    


July 2019 - Thoresby Estate



Hi all,

Please find the report from the latest Strollers walk below, courtesy of Jean. Many thanks also to Marjorie for supplying the photos and informing us that the walk, organised by Arthur, took 1 hour 45 minutes to complete the 7440 steps.

"On Tuesday 17th July, the Strollers enjoyed another lovely walk on the Thoresby Estate.The weather was perfect, the sun shone, we were shaded by the trees, and there was a slight breeze. Ideal walking conditions.The only disappointment was that the trees were also providing shelter from the heat for the cattle, of which we only saw evidence of their presence.The peace was only broken by the birdsong, and the slight and very occasional sound of the traffic on the A616.

We returned to the courtyard at Thoresby and enjoyed lunch at the Bay Tree Cafe.

Thanks go to Arthur, from whom we learned much of the history of the Estate, and to Granville for all the work he put in for us."

Best regards.


For photos of the above walk, please click:   HERE


June 2019 - Thorpe Salvin


Hi everybody,

Many thanks to Jo for her account of the above walk which follows here:

"Seven walkers assembled at The Parish Oven at Thorpe Salvin on this warm sunny morning and set off through the village to St Peter's Church then round past the ruin of an Elizabethan Hall. Built in the 16th century it was later owned by Sir Thomas Osborne who became the Duke of Leeds. He lived here until 1697 before moving to a new mansion at Kiveton Park. Since then the hall has not been lived in and is now an impressive ruin. We carried on up Bunker's Hill (don't know!) then across a field on a bridle path and down to the canal at Thorpe bridge No. 32. we join the canal towpath and walk part of the Cuckoo Way. The path is nice and wide and was busy with walkers and cyclists. After passing Thorpe Top Treble locks and crossing bridge No. 35 we entered Old Spring Wood following the canal on the other side for a short while then through Old Meadow Wood. Back into the sunshine we passed a wheat field and heard a low flying plane. It reminded me of Hitchcock's North by North West. Just my imagination. We joined the road down through village and back to the Parish Oven for a drink and a little food. The Parish Oven by the way was opened in 1972 and built on the site of the old parish oven!

An enjoyable walk."

Also many thanks to Jo once again for the photos, the link for which is here:   HERE


Best regards.



Retford U3A Strollers group leader.


May 2019 - Kilton Forest, Worksop

A lovely sunny day, slight breeze was the order of the day, ideal walking weather.

Good attendance.

5648 steps in 11/2 hrs.

14 people enjoyed lunch at The Angel, Blyth. 

Thanks go to Sandra and Elaine for organising the morning.


To see photos regarding the above walk, please click:   HERE  



April 2019 - Bevercotes Pit Wood

Though somewhat depleted due to a number of members being on holiday, the walk, led by Elaine, still proved to be very pleasant and enjoyable, augmented by perfect weather.

Some 9500 steps were taken in 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to transferring to the Bay Tree restaurant at Thoresby where a lovely lunch was enjoyed.

Many thanks to Marjorie for her photos and account of the walk, plus all of you who helped to make it a memorable occasion.


For photos of the above walk, please click:  HERE



March 2019 - Everton and Harwell

A very good attendance for the Strollers walk at Everton led by Marjorie and Judith, we met at Everton Church a stroll up to Harwell where we went through the woods, no bluebells out yet but there will be a very good showing later, down Pasture Lane, up the back lane across Parish Land and back to our starting place. The weather was perfect. Time taken 1hr 45 mins 7788 steps. Lunch was taken at The Ship Inn Bawtry

For photos, please click:     HERE

February 2019 
A lovely walk taken by 15 strollers from The Lockkeeper, Worksop along the towpath to Shireoaks. Weather was kind to us, a little breezy but very pleasant and dry. 7053 steps in  1.30 hr. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at The Lockkeeper.
For photos please click       HERE 
January 2019

It was a lovely walk at Rufford, with lovely weather, surely ordered by walk leader Norma.  A really good start to the New Year, and most people were able to enjoy lunch at The Alders.

Many thanks to Marjorie and Bridget for the lovely photos, which surely epitomised how nice the day was.
For photos plese click       HERE  
Xmas lunch - December 2018        
 The theory was that a good number of us would meet up at the Idle Valley Nature Reserve, have a bit of a wander around, then move on to the Olde Bell down the road for a well-earned Christmas lunch and get-together. As it goes, a combination of non-compliant weather and common sense dictated that it would be  prudent to not get dishevelled and soggy, resulting in rather more dapper, chic and coiffed members turning up for their fare !

Besides the annual getting together of all three walking groups for the proverbial catch-up and chinwag, the occasion also recognised the end of an era, with Imelda and Joan soon to hand over the tenure of the Moderates group to David. To mark this, David presented gifts to those wonderful ladies, plus cards signed by the membership in appreciation of the hard work and dedication attributable to them both over these last three years.

Pictures of Xmas lunch, please click   HERE  

November 2018 - Perlethorpe

A good walk was led by Arthur, with the rain staying away until it was completed. A lovely presentation was made to Elaine for all her hard work over years. A lovely lunch was held after the walk at the Bay Tree, Thoresby. Many thanks to Marjorie for providing the photos and to all for making it such a memorable occasion.      

For photos please click      HERE                                                     

                                                     May 2018 - Harwell Woods


The Strollers enjoyed their walk, enhanced by excellent weather in a delightful environment. Many thanks to Judith for leading the walk and to Marjorie for the photos.

For photos please click:   HERE

February 2018 

The Strollers experienced a pleasant walk at Meden Vale with dry weather, though slushy underfoot. 9122 steps were walked , equating to 7km ( a little under 4.5 miles ) in 1 hour and 52 minutes. Lunch was taken at nearby Thoresby Hall. An enjoyable day all round. Thanks are due to Marjorie for photos and information, also to Jo for her photos, plus David for organising and leading the walk.

For photos click HERE


January 2018

Click HERE

Christmas 2017

Click HERE

Canal Walk - September 2017

Many thanks to Dave for leading the above walk and to Jo for supplying the photos, which can be seen HERE.

Canal Walk - September 2017

Lovely warm sunny day for the Strollers walk starting at the Hop Pole with Jo leading and Elaine bringing up the rear and taking in a particular picturesque part of the canal. Butterflies a plenty hops growing as well as rose hips. Down to Whitsunday Pie lock. Why you may ask ? Well one story is that they finished building the lock on Whit Sunday and a local woman made a pie to celebrate. The actual recipe is lost in the mist of time but I would guess potatoes and onions, stored over winter and any spring vegetables that were available. Perhaps a rabbit. The other story is that pie is a derivation of an old word for tithe or rent that was due on an adjoining field on Whit Sunday We left the canal bank further along but not before we were overtaken by another group of walkers who definitely were not strolling! Back across the fields we came over a rickety bridge (thanks David for seeing everyone across safely) and before you knew it we were at the end of Bigsby Road and on our way back to the Hop Pole.

Some walkers went to The Boat at Hayton others went on their merry way. Hope you all enjoyed it. I haven't lead a walk before so I would like to know what you think. Good or bad. I can take it!


Click HERE for photos.

Langold Woods - June 2017

Click HERE for photos.

Harwell Woods - May 2017

Click HERE for photos.

Boughton Woods - March 2017

On the first day of Spring 22 members of the Strollers walking group met at Boughton Pumping Station and had a lovely walk through Boughton Woods. The weather was very kind to us, a cold wind but bright.

We covered 2.4 miles, and due to modern technology were informed that we had managed 7,250 steps and used up 235 calories, all of which were put back on when we had lunch.

Click HERE for photos.